The world’s first Crypto-Only luxury emporium. Offering a wealth of luxury items available for purchase in Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum. From cars, yachts, and property to watches and high end electrical equipment. The Crypto Emporium has hand picked only the highest quality products to cater to the needs of its affluent customers, real winners of the blockchain revolution.

What is Crypto Emporium?

Crypto Emporium acts as an intermediary service to source & supply the highest quality products from luxury brands at a competitive cost. All our listings are ready for purchase immediately using our 5 supported Cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum, Ripple & Verge. Cryptocurrency is a new revolutionary type of currency and we want to show the real-world value of it.

We have an expert team behind us with vast experience of negotiating and dealing with manufacturers, suppliers and dealers. We’ve got contacts around the world, that cater to all the needs and wants of our affluent customers. We place a strong emphasis on customer service and strive to provide an impeccable and easy buying experience. Being the middle-man, communication is key, and you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered.

What products do you offer?

They source only the highest quality and luxury products available on the market. From luxury supercars loaded out with extras to extravagant yachts decorated with the finest marble. They offer premium property in many locations around the world. Along with high-end gaming computers and electrical equipment. All their products are meticulously researched before purchasing to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Inventory and stock are constantly updated and their pricing is fluid, meaning it can change from day to day, or week to week. This can lead to some great savings on certain items and they’re always on the lookout to improve our savings for clients.

How does delivery work?

We pride ourselves on our Worldwide 30 Day Delivery service. Though we quote 30 days, it is often the case that your item will arrive much earlier than this. We would rather under-promise and over-deliver, than over-promise and under-deliver.

Shipping charges vary depending on the item. They try to keep a flat shipping cost for the majority of our items. These will be specified at the time of purchase. All items are sent out using reputable courier services, items are fully-insured and guaranteed. They also provide the customer with a tracking number so you can track your package. They’re sure to keep our clients updated, every step of the way.

Some items are harder to ship than others; Cars, Yachts, Property and some Miscellaneous. The nature of these products means they will be working closely with the buyers to arrange and organize delivery/hand over. They take care of everything on their end and make the process as quick and easy as possible. A flat processing/delivery fee of 0.877btc will be applied to these sales. If they can get the product to you for less than this amount, they will actually reimburse you the difference.


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